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Cotton Candy Machine Maker

Cotton Candy Machine Maker
Since we are on this Cotton Candy Craze I wanted to share with you this beautiful Cotton Candy Machine Maker that I found on Amazon. It's the Olde Midway Commercial Quality Cotton Candy Machine Cart and Electric Candy Floss Maker - SPIN 2000
EASY TO USE: Turn on, wait 2-4 minutes, pour in cotton candy mixture, immediately start twirling cotton candy COMMERCIAL QUALITY: Large stainless steel kettle, 950 watt heating element, and belt driven high-performance motor WORKS FAST: Makes one cotton candy cone every 30 seconds ACCESSORIES: 3 bin storage drawer, ingredient scoop, and 2 extra motor drive belts CONVENIENT: Power switch, heat controller and volt meter located on front panel
How fun would this be to go back to your childhood by way of make your own cotton candy whenever you wanted to. This would be great for kid's birthday treats, ca…

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